Struggling Mentally? Check your Sugar Intake…

Hey there Temple Fit Fam!!

For years I struggled depression and anxiety and I ate for comfort. Well, you know I didn’t eat good healthy foods! Nope. Instead, I ate pizza, cheese sticks, candy, cookies. Sure, it tasted good but It made me feel HORRIBLE!! I did this several times so I know this to be true. LOL.

All that bad food made me so sad, depressed and all I found myself doing was sleeping and crying. What was it about the food that made me feel so worthless?! Simple, it was the sugar!

I bet you didn’t know that sugar has a direct effect on your mood. It absolutely does! Research shows that excess sugar has been linked to increased feelings of sadness, anxiety and depression. In a study back in 2017 found that people consuming higher rates of sugar were 23% more likely to be diagnosed with a mental disorder than those with low levels of sugar intakes! That explains a lot right there. Have you ever felt like you were “off” and you couldn’t explain why? Well, check your sugar intake.

Not only can too much sugar effect the obvious: tooth decay, cavities, weight gain, and increase your chances of developing Type 2 Diabetes, but sugar has a drug-like effect on the brain. It has even been reported that it is more addictive than cocaine! Studies show that sugar impairs our cognitive skills and self-control. Can you believe that higher doses of sugar hinders cognitive skills so much so that it affects your ability to learn/mental capacity?! So, you know that is some powerful stuff! Whew! Sounds like to me, if any drug should be regulated, sugar should be one of them, right? Think about it. Eating a snack with loads of sugar gives you an immediate “high” and feeling of reward. Then, you crash. You find yourself wanting to get back to that happy “high” feeling so what do you do? You eat more sugar, right? Well, this leads to overeating. You find yourself needing more of the “good stuff” to reach that level of happiness or high. Before long you are addicted to sugar.

What makes sugar even more dangerous is that high consumption causes inflammation of the brain. Yes, you read that right: Inflammation of the brain! This inflammation causes memory difficulties and has been linked to diseases such as Alzheimer’s!

I said all the above to say: PLEASE be careful with your sugar intake! You may be doing WAY more damage than you realize!

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