What Lies Behind Those Eyes


Although perceived as being strong and having it all together, Volonda was a mess. For most of her life she had been able to live under a mask of happiness, until I reached the point where she could no longer mask her pain. She did everything in her own power to find happiness and silence the lies she had adopted as truth. Her pain caused her to make uncharacteristic decisions, most of which went against all her beliefs and landed her into some serious situations.

“What LIES Behind those eyes” shares her struggles of operating in the flesh, by listening to the LIES that had formed in her head and what others told her throughout my life. The struggle led to severe depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts. Because of the severity of her mental sickness, she became physically sick. She gained 100 pounds and forced herself into seclusion.

Realizing her words and thoughts played into the trajectory of her life she took a look back at her past to understand how she ended up in such a dark place in her life. When she reached her lowest point, she finally surrendered and asked God to heal her mentally, physically and spiritually. It was at that moment she began her journey from pain to a journey of peace.

Whether you are suffering from depression, anxiety and/or feeling that there is no hope for you, this book shows how she went from being overwhelmed to being an overcomer so that you can join her on this pathway of peace.


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