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We also offer tools to assist with your physical fitness as well. The goal is to be FIT: MIND, BODY, and SOUL.

We get clear on your goals

Temple Fit Academy is different from other Health and Wellness coaching programs. We believe in order to be TEMPLE FIT, you must have the mind right in order to get the body right! Mindset is our key component. This is not a “Get Fit Quick Scheme”, this is a program that focuses on a sustainable healthy LIFESTYLE. Our mantra is “lose if fast, it won’t last” I have seen (and experienced), extremely fast weight loss, just to put it back on , PLUS 20-30%!! It is time out for that. That is not good on your physical or mental health. Temple Fit is committed to changing the narrative.

  • Moms that are tired and have neglected your own care: I am talking to you!
  • Ladies that have had bariatric surgery but failed to address your mindset and found yourself gaining weight, I am talking to you!
  • Boss Babes that have been focusing so much on your business and have been living off of fast foods and that extra weight is driving you to become a prude, I am talking to you!
  • My sisters that have been through trials and tribulations and used food as a comfort, you have had therapy and have healed but the weight of your past is still evident in your midsection, I am talking to you!

12 Week Bangin Body for Life (BBL)

1. An On-Demand Course curriculum that allows you to revisit any information discussed while in the program.
2. Client Centered Coaching
3. A private member community
4. Personalized accountability
5. Weekly live training
6. Weekly live Q&A
7. Guided Journal to track your progress and mindset throughout program
8. Affirmations to speak over yourself on a daily basis
9. Sample Meal Plans
10. Sample Recipes
11. 4 pack/month Supply of Zenith, a leptin reducing, all natural supplement Clinically proven to aid in FAT LOSS
12. Awakend Body workouts

12- month Intensive Masterbody Transformation

*There is an application process*

Clients receive:

  1. Everything that is included in the BBL
  2. One on One Accountability Sessions
  3. Unique plans for each member
  4. One ticket to a Wellness Retreat

Corporate Wellness

Corporate wellness is vital to any organization. It is not only important in employee productivity, but it also produces higher energy and engagement, less stress, better communication, lower health risks, improved mental health, and an enjoyable work environment.

Employees are often motivated to work for a company that promotes wellness and takes their mental, physical, and emotional health to heart. Also, according to the Center for Disease Control, chronic diseases account for 75 percent of health care costs and most of them are preventable. Instituting a Corporate wellness program could not only help posture your employees towards better health, but also affect the company’s bottom line in a positive manner.

Temple Fit offers various corporate wellness packages inclusive of mindset, nutrition and overall health.

One on One Coaching

Sometimes all you need is some direction and accountability to get you headed positioned to reach your goal. Whether it be for Nutrition or Mindset, I can help you with Overall Wellness!


If you are still debating a program and would rather take it day by day. This is the option for you! Let’s meet to discuss your goals and discuss your journey. I’m rooting for you!

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Mindset Mastermind and Coaching Coming Soon!!!

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