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We also offer tools to assist with your physical fitness as well. The goal is to be FIT: Mind, Body and Soul!


Temple Fit is more than just a brand, it is a way of life! We focus on offering solutions for every phase of your fitness journey, beginning with your mind. We understand that CHANGE begins with your mindset. Therefore, if you want to get fit, you must be FIT in your MIND first. We also offer tools to assist with your physical fitness as well. The goal is to be FIT: Mind, Body and Soul!

Elevate Your Body and Your Mind

Temple Fit LLC began with a notion of wanting to help and serve others from living in mental and physical despair like I had for most of my life. For years I had struggled mentally and it took a toll on my body physically. I actually wrote about my journey in my newly released book: "What LIES behind those EYES- Silencing Negative Thoughts on Your Pathway to Peace". Temple Fit began after completing that book, as it was only natural that I continue my efforts set forth in my book, and showcase how to break free of your negative thinking and start walking and living in peace. This happens by way of changed mindset, full reliance on God and taking action. I had not only gained peace but I lost a great deal of weight. Because of this, I vowed to help others by showing others how I was able to do this and some products I used regularly. By December 2021, I had expanded into Health and Wellness, Nutrition and Mindset/Life coaching.

What does Mindset have to do with Weight loss?
Glad you asked! šŸ˜Š
Did you know that most of us do better at EVERYTHING, including losing weight when they are operating in the right mindset. You are what you think and say you are!

Why is coaching so important?
Another great question! šŸ˜†
Let me ask you this: Why haven't you reached your goal? (any goal) It may be because you had no accountability OR guidance. You were just trying to wing it and when you got frustrated you quit! Am I right or am I right?

Why don't you get out of your stuck place and let Temple Fit Academy help you?! šŸ§

Temple Fit is growing and has incorporated natural supplements to aid in obtaining your optimal health! I have so many plans and ideas that I am currently exploring and it is all geared to help others become Temple Fit- Mind, Body and Soul!

My question is Will you commit?

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Iā€™m rooting for you!

Volonda Reedus (Owner, Temple Fit)

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